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At Kogarah Cougars Sporting Club kids learn and develop skills to become the best athletes they can be.

When is training and what days are the games?

Training is every Tuesday and Thursday at Todd Park. Teams train at staggered times, you will be advised at registration what time your team will train. U6-U12’s play games on Saturdays at grounds around the St George area. U13s-A Grade play on Sundays, these games are played within the Sydney area.

What age group should my child play in?

Your child needs to register for the age group they are turning that year. For example, if your child is turning 12 in December they must register for U12’s even though they will be 11 during the entire competition. Similarly, if they turned 12 in January before the competition started, they will also be in U12s. You cannot register in an age group younger than the age you are turning, however you can register in a age group 1 year above your age group (eg, a child turning 10 can register for U11s).

My child is 4. Are they too young to play Rugby League?

No, they are not too young. 4 years is the youngest a player can be to register, we actually find it beneficial for our mini’s to start at this age as it means they will play two years in U6s. U6s is all about learning the basics of the game and having fun!

What is included in my Registration fee?

Registration fees cover your uniform (shorts & socks to keep), registration and insurance fees. A portion of the registration fees may also be used for end of season presentation day where every player receives a gift that may include a trophy, medal and/or a Cougars gift. We may fundraise throughout the season to also help with these costs. And of course, the priceless experience of being fit and healthy while learning to work as a team in a supportive friendly environment.

What are the rules for the different age groups?

In November ’16, the NRL have released changes to some rules for the 2017 season. Below is a summary of the rules for difference age groups (click to enlarge).

Cougars also follows and upholds the NRL “Safeplay Code”, all parents, players, match and club officials should familarise themselves with the code prior to season commencement and before subsequent matches. A copy of the Safeplay Code can be found HERE.
More information can be found at www.playnrl.com
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